The Federal Government is today considering one of the biggest bombshells in the nation’s history.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and his team are reportedly mulling over whether they shouldn’t just give a giant multination firm who has been completely fucking them over – $250 million worth of contracts.

The shocking move to not simply give a quarter of a billion dollars to an allegedly criminally negligent firm, comes after it was revealed that PWC were using confidential tax information to help their giant multinational clients ‘minimise’ their tax.

Although the Big 4 accounting and consultancy firm help multinationals avoid paying 100s of billions in tax, they list the Federal Government as their biggest client in Australia.

Raking in $250 million bucks worth of tax payer dollars which they do everything to help companies avoid topping up, PWC have recently shown the nation that they have complete disregard for the government who pays them handsomely.

That disregard is something people have suggested should see them lose that 250 million, with the government ceasing all work with them and refusing to give them anymore going forward.

“I mean, I understand plenty of people would normally not give work to someone who has completely fucked them over, but that’s not how it works in government,” said the Prime Minister Albanese.

“Sure, we could go about making plans to re-build our specialist public service branches so we aren’t just spending billions on fancy consultants who use confidential information to effectively steal money from public coffers,” he laughed.

“But that would require a lot of work.”

“So I think in the end, we will follow the recommendations of the internal PWC audit of our processes that says we should just keep paying them.”

More to come.


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