A severely inland RSL is doing its bit to bring the Australian Riviera to the outback by insisting on selling the same fisherman’s basket they’ve been slinging since 1971.

According to rolling papers with little facts on the packet, 80% of Australians live less than an hour from the sea, ideal conditions for a nation of seafood lovers.

However, 20% of Australians live in places where you have to pay a thousand bucks to fly to, such as Mt Quilby, a tough country town in greater Betoota and home to Mt Quilby RSL and Video Library.

Originally opened in 1901, Mt Quilby RSL likes to do things their way, even if they did start renting videos in the ‘80s.

Similarly rusted on is the RSL’s ‘Fisherman’s Delight Basket’ which features a smorgasbord of frozen sea creatures that a fisherman would only ever eat if he didn’t catch anything and had absolutely nothing in the freezer.

Although these dead sea creatures are as alien to regional Australia as a doctor looking to settle down long term, Maude at the counter reckons everyone loves the fisherman’s basket so you must give it a try.

“It’s only $22 for two on a Tuesday,” stated Maude, as if cheap seafood 10 hours from the sea is some kind of draw card.

“We get the Oysters brought in fresh every single year.”

Despite the fact these predominantly crumbed pieces of miscellaneous seafood would only end up in this dry and desolate place when served on a plate, some people actually order the seafood basket and there are those who even enjoy it.

“Where else can you get seafood this good?” asked one local who has never heard of the sea.

“I’d offer you some but it’s mine.”


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