After a few days of hearing about the 5-day sporting extravaganza that is a group of men standing around while someone throws a rock at a guy in pads and a helmet, French Quarter woman Charlotte Hobbes has informed her boyfriend that it is her time now.

With the Sex and the City reboot dropping tonight, Hobbes has revealed that she and her mates will be using the TV tonight.

No questions asked.

“You reckon you’ve been hanging out for the return of the English to Australian shores for some cricket game. I’ve been waiting decades for this,” laughed the local woman who always makes a point of saying she always like Miranda the best.

The reboot comes 17 years after Carrie hung up the heels, in between a couple of movies and a little spin-off series.

With some food getting delivered from the Chinese restaurant and a few bottles of vino to rip the top off, Hobbes says Thursday nights don’t get much better than this.

“In between random events, lying on the couch with the girls and enjoying this is going to be perfection,” she laughed.

“Although it will inevitably be underwhelming, I can’t wait”

“I can’t wait to rekindle my hatred of Big, he’s my version of your Stuart Broad.”

Hobbes then told us that she is excited to see how the creators try and re-create the magic without overstepping the line, as well as the notable lack of Samantha.

“It’s gonna be weird, but whatever. I’m here for the moment.”

“Hopefully it’s not as shit as the Gilmore Girls reboot.”


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