A local moggy has today proved that yet again, he rules the roost.

Sootie [six months] is said to have been adopted by the Harris household roughly two weeks ago after a friend found him meowing pitifully as he wandered down her street.

Claire and Steven had allegedly not been on the lookout for a furry addition to their household but quickly changed their minds when they laid their eyes on the black cat, letting out a mutual ‘aww’ when he’d nestled into Claire’s hand, begging for a pat.

Though their apartment was hardly cat proof and they’d been apprehensive about the leather lounge, Claire and Steve have luckily not had to change their yuppy lifestyle to accommodate him, other than accepting their bathroom will always smell like stinky kitty litter.

Of course, when bringing a new roommate on board, there are a few adjustments that need to be made as all parties learn to peacefully exist amongst one another – which Claire and Steve had had to do today when they realised Sootie wanted nothing to do with his water bowl.

“I don’t think he’s drinking much water”, says a concerned Claire, “I haven’t had to change his water bowl once.”

Perplexed as to how Sootie had lasted so long without water, Claire quickly found he had no trouble drinking from their cups or sticking his head under the tap whenever they were doing the washing up.

It’s reported that Claire soon had no choice but to buy a relatively expensive kitty water fountain, which Sootie is said to have taken to immediately.

More to come.


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