After dragging the Catholic Church into the 21st Century kicking and screaming, the 266th Pope has today relaxed even more rules.

After already making his stance known as a supporter of reforming views towards abortion, gay marriage and adultery – the former Argentinian nightclub bouncer turned Bishop Of Rome has today reiterated that he’s a pretty chill guy.

After telling reporters yesterday that extramarital sex and sins of the flesh aren’t that ‘serious’ – the 84-year-old has today doubled down.

“You guys can tell I’m a pretty forgiving guy” said the Supreme Pontiff.

“But, like, some things aren’t even worth asking for forgiveness. As in, I literally don’t care about some of the stuff you guys think I’m all caught up”

When The Betoota Advocate’s Vatican correspondent asked what Pope Francis meant by that, he was quick to respond.

“Weed, bro”

“I don’t know who said that was not okay”

“I never did. Jesus never did. You guys know as well as me that we don’t always agree with the cops”

“You can blaze that shit up if you want. For sure”

The reporter then asked Pope Francis to clarify that he was officially endorsing cannabis use.

“No doubt brutha” he said.

“You can smoke that shit before church. I don’t care”

“You can come definitely come to church stoned. It’s cool bro”

When asked what else he was willing to relax, the Pope said casual sex and porn is not that bad either aye.


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