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The rate boss of Australia Philip Lowe has all but guaranteed another mammoth increase in interest rates today after he saw a young man put a giant new TV on buy now pay later platform AfterPay.

It goes against what Mr Lowe says he’s trying to do.

Speaking to The Advocate ahead of today’s Reserve Bank meeting, Mr Rate Boss said he wants to see further cuts in discretionary spending before he even thinks about halting the hikes.

“These motherfuckers just don’t get it,” he said.

“This is what’s fuelling inflation. People like this sucked mango seed looking cunt standing in Harvey Norman buying something he doesn’t need with money he doesn’t have. Honestly, when you’re in my position, it makes you wonder if it’s all worth it. You’d sooner put your head in the microwave and set it to defrost than teach some young prick a bit of financial prudence,”

“I’ve made up my mind. I’m going to have to put the rates up again today. He might not have a mortgage but his landlord might. If his landlord doesn’t have a mortgage and he’s not a greedy cunt then yeah, I guess he can buy the television – and doom everyone who was stretching their arsehole to pay their mortgage when rates were pretty much fucking zero.”

Mr Lowe claimed he even asked the guy if he needed the TV in the first place.

“You know what the guy said? He’s getting a new TV to watch the football season and the cricket world cup,” he said.

“We’re doomed. I’m doomed.”

More to come.


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