The Australian Greens Party have today taken a substantial backwards slide in their efforts to no longer be recognised as the party for rich white urban men who were never good at sport.

While their recent successes in suburban Brisbane saw the party evolve from minority party to ‘third force’ – their efforts to foster street cred amongst Aboriginal voters has today been considerably compromised.

This comes Greens Senator Lidia Thorpe has quit the Greens and will sit on the senate cross bench and lead “the black sovereignty movement” – after being unable to support the party’s mandate for all elected members to vote YES on the Voice proposal for constitutional recognition.

This leaves the Greens a senator down in Parliament, and has thrown immediate hurdles in front of the Albanese government’s path to legislating the constitutional changes.

This follows Senator Thorpe’s appearance on ABC’s Q&A last month, where she gave fiery speech insisting that the Voice proposal on constitutional recognition would deliver more words rather than actions.

Her position of opposition to the warm and fuzzy voice to Parliament has confused rednecks who hate agreeing with her, and frustrated world-saving lefties who just wished Aboriginal women would do what they were told and stop getting in the way of things they don’t understand.

Melbourne-based Greens voter, Argyle Johnstone, says as someone who Lidia Thorpe was meant to represent, he’s feeling frustrated.

“The correct thing to do would be to resign” says Argyle, a man who didn’t seem to have a problem with Nationals MP Andrew Gee resigning from his party to become an Independent over his party’s refusal to SUPPORT this same proposed changes to the constitution.

“I voted for Lidia the Greens Senator. I didn’t vote for Lidia the bl… the Independent”

Argyle is just one of many grumpy lefties across Australia who’s white fragility is on show today, after learning that Senator Thorpe has her own opinions and own self-agency.

“I just… Don’t know how to word this… But It’s really frustrating that she used the party ticket to get elected and is now saying and doing what she wants to do”

“I mean, she should either do what she’s told or…”

“Give her platform to someone more… cooperative?”


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