The biggest game of the year for fans of Taylor Swift has finally arrived.

Wedged amongst Taylor’s historic Eras tour, the Super Big Bowl for the National Football League is here.

Taking place in the incredibly cool and fun city of Las Vegas, tens of thousands of people have descended on the desert casino hub to watch Taylor Swift’s boyfriend and his friends throw a ball around.

Previously a game for a small community of diehards who like watching long drawn out games of sport where people tackle with no arms and concuss themselves, the Super Bowl is going global this year after being backed by the biggest musician on the face of planet earth.

This all comes after Taylor caused a stir by starting to date a big cute jock called Travis from the Kansas City Chiefs a few months ago.

The little known player was then put on the map by Taylor, and her presence at his games has seen the sport’s popularity skyrocket – weirdly to the disdain of fans of the game.

Due to the huge popularity of Swift and the people she attracts, the NFL have been able to attract megastar Usher to perform at half time during the show.

This will break up Travis and his big dumb friends running around after a football for four hours in between very large and boring ad-breaks.

“Oh, he’s cutteeeeee,” said one newfound Super Bowl fan watching the boys warm up on tele.

“Yay, I’m excited to watch the first ever Super Bowl, this is going to be great!”


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