In a stunning turn of events, local Sydney man Liam Broden, has defied the odds and maintained a staggering two minutes of conversation without immediately delving into the all-too-familiar territory of someone’s high school education.

Friends were left in disbelief as Broden delved into topics beyond the standard “So where did your family grow up?” query, steering clear of the obligatory prestige based inquisition.

One eyewitness remarked, “It was almost surreal. I was bracing myself for the inevitable ‘So, where did you go to school?’ bomb, but this guy displayed a full two minutes of restraint.”

However, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end.

“Sure, once I mentioned I was from out west, he made a b-line exit towards the men’s bathroom,” revealed another participant.

Experts are postulating that Broden’s temporary lapse in elitism may be attributed to an acute lack of self-awareness.

While Sydneysiders cautiously embrace the notion of a new era in social discourse, marked by conversations untainted by academic snobbery, skeptics warn against premature celebrations.

After all, it’s merely been two minutes, and old habits die hard—even for the most restrained of Sydney’s private school men.

More to come…


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