A local parking ranger has today received quite a shock, after being treated to an informal legal lesson from a vocal citizen.

Tony Pinser, a valued employee of Betoota Shire Municipal Council, was given the lecture a short time ago after trying to hand out a parking fine to a local tradesman.

“Yes, the plumber was very kind and generous with his time, informing me of the overarching legal principles which make my job invalid,” sighed Pinser.

“He said he refused to accept the fine as it was legally invalid according to the Magna Carta – which is not model of Mitsubishi car in case you were wondering.”

For those not across their legal history, the Magna Carta is described as the first document in the world to declare that the king and his government are not above the law.

It is similar to the Constitution and the non-existent bill of rights in Australia in terms of being a thing that people vaguely refer to when it suits them.

Although the Magna Carta was crafted in the 13th century, the local plumber that Tony spoke to says it still has plenty of relevance today.

“Yeah, he reckons that it is a wide reaching legal document that prevents all levels of government from illegally punishing its civilians,” said Tony.

“Including preventing local council employees from fining blokes who parked in a No Stopping Zone for a few minutes while they run in and grab a coffee.”

“So there ya go.”

“Check mate I guess,” sighed Pinser.


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