Lolly enthusiasts around the country are today reeling from the terrible news that a fan favourite will be no more.

Starburst have become the latest company to be brought undone by supply chain issues, confirming that they won’t be bringing their extra chemically and sugary brand of lollies down under anymore.

Enjoyed by children and workplace breakroom visitors alike, the popular sweets will no longer be available in Australia after the decision was made to stop exporting them from Europe.

Commonly binged during a mid-afternoon working slump or on the way home from work, their fan favourite was the Blu-Tack Chew.

Made with a special Blu-Tack-Glue-Food-Dye-Chemical-Sugar recipe, the chews that improve jaw strength by over 3450% have been popular around the country for the last few decades.

However, you’ve likely enjoyed your last Blu Tack Chew, with the array of the delicious chemically induced flavours now a thing of the past in Australia.

“Sad, I guess I’ll just have to plough through a packet of those Natural Confectionary ones,” sighed one Blu Tack enthusiast.

“They seem healthier anyway,” she said, pretending as if she actually thought that.

It’s believed hectic corner stores will still be able to import them somehow, but you will need to find one of those old-school independently owned ones.

More to come.


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