As our nation’s top athletes touch down from another successful campaign flogging all the other countries in the Commonwealth, it’s believed Australians across the land have decided we have another reason to love Birmingham.

Topping the medal tally with 178 medals, including 67 gold, it’s believed this year’s games have only solidified our country’s love for the midlands city, which will long be remembered as the place we toweled up Great Britain in the medal tally, and the setting of the hit Netflix show, Peaky Blinders.

Speaking to one lover of both sports and violence, Harry Mackleton (28), it’s reported this year’s location of the Commonwealth games made for great athletic viewing, as well as provided a prime opportunity to rehash his Brummie accent, a party trick he often practices in the shower when his girlfriend is out.

“Oh I love Birmingham, but to be honest I couldn’t even point to it on a map if you asked me to,” said Harry.

“But I do know that it’s the home of Thomas ‘Fookin’ Shelby, the Peaky Blinders, and yeah also where our Women’s Cricket Team beat India even when they had the spicy cough.”

Whilst watching the nightly sports report on Betoota’s Channel 3 News, Harry told The Advocate that he was looking forward to the next Commonwealth games, despite having no clue where they are being held, or why even they are being held for that matter.

“Yeah, like why do we do them, is it like good prep for the Olympics or something?”

“And what do you mean that it’s in Bendigo next time, as in our Australian Bendigo?

“I don’t even think they have an Athletics track down there, are we gonna ask international long jumpers to leap into the sandpit at the primary school or something?

More to come.


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