With the federal election now less than a month away, some Australians are waiting for Scotty to announce commitments on environmental conservation, renewable energy and federal ICAC.

At the time of writing is clear Scotty has prioritised the niche issue of trans-women participating in sporting events as the centre of political discussion, with his appointment of cis-womens advocate Katherine Deves to the seat of Warringah. 

The tactic employed by the PM is known as the dead cat strategy.

Coined by Australian political strategist Lynton Crosby, deadcatting involves the introduction of a dramatic, shocking, or sensationalist topic to divert discourse away from a more damaging topic, such as a Prime Minister’s continued demonstration of moral and physical absence over the last three years. 

And now, unable to read any room that isn’t that Bible-papered one from The Exorcist, Scotty faced the press today with a literal dead cat in his most on the nose attempt at deadcatting yet.

“I know you want to talk about the real issues and I hear that,” said Scotty, holding the dead cat like it was a telephone he was speaking into.

“I also think it’s not good that Lorde keeps shushing her crowds that are just trying to sing along.”

The presser took place at a taxidermy workshop where the PM was announcing thousands of new jobs to the taxidermy industry.

Awkwardly, the PMs team was photographed covering a workplace reminder sign that read ‘Always Stuff Up’ with a freshly taxidermied crest of Black-throated Finches Scotty bought with him from the site of the planned Adani coal mine.


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