It’s been 5 hectic days for the journalists of the rugby league world, and it looks like there might not be any end to the madness in sight.

“Pretending to work is actually much harder than actually working,” laughed one Fox Sports journalist who has been pretending to be focused on the Dragons coaching saga.

This comes after the closed ranks of the mainstream media continued their frenzied non-reporting on what appeared to be a massive story on Saturday night.

The lack of reporting comes despite the fact many expected a fair few headlines, comments, opinion pieces and hot-takes about the arrest of a significant rugby league figure over the weekend.

However, given the allegations, arrest and charges that were levelled at one of their own – the media has been frantically doing their best to not report on the story at all.

“Oh, we don’t report on heinous allegations levelled at one of our own,” laughed the reporter who once knocked on the door of a player’s mum at 2:30am in the morning.

“That’s not how this whole set up works,” laughed the member of a media class who will write 100s of articles about a player’s behaviour on and off the pitch.

“We don’t scrutinise each other, or write clickbait stories about other journalists.”

“That would be unethical.”

“When it’s one of our own we just put our head in the sand and pretend nothing ever happen.”

The journalist then told The Advocate that he hopes he only has to spend a couple of weeks ignoring the events of last weekend.

“It’s so boring, I wish one of the players would act up or something,” laughed the man who works for an organisation who hasn’t written a single story about one of their most notable employees being arrested on horrific charges.


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