Concerns about a premiership hangover for the Sydney Roosters have all but been alleviated today.

Some in the media had already begun raising doubts this week about the tri-colours ability to go back-to-back-to-back, citing roster pressures and player wage demands following another year of success.

However, fans of the Bondi Boys can rest easy and savour the success that has been the 2019 Premiership with the club announcing a raft of big-name signings.

The club has sensationally announced a multi-club raid including the signatures of Tom and Jake Trbojeivc, Jack Wighton, Josh Papalii, Cameron Munster and Kalyn Ponga.

While Manly, Melbourne, Canberra and Newcastle have been left fuming by the raid, the Sydney club has already moved to assure Salary Cap auditors that the 2020 roster will be compliant.

“Cooper Cronk is retiring, freeing up a million bucks for us to sign all these guys on great contracts,” explained talent recruitment manager Tom Parsford-Annesley, known around the club as TPA.

“So we have been easily able to fit these guys into the cap for next year,” explained TPA refusing to answer any questions about what other things may have been thrown in to sweeten the deal of million dollar players apparently happy on low six-figure contracts.

The moves have already seemed to cause selection headaches for coach Trent Robinson, who has hinted at playing Josh Papalii and Jake Trbojevic on the bench, and Tom Trbojevic and Cameron Munster in the centres.

“Look it’s a great problem to have, and I’m thankful to the club for its smart roster management that allows us to do this without cheating the salary cap at all,” said Robinson before having a brief consultation with the Coach Whisperer and ending the conversation.

More to come.


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