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Early polling has shown that the people of NSW are keen to try something new for the next three years because the previous three years have been a never-ending stream of self-indulgent fuck-ups and ICAC appearances.

Starting with the bushfires in 2019, the people of NSW recall the gutting of the Rural Fire Service by the NSW Liberal Government, which caused hundreds of millions of dollars worth of needless damage and loss of life during the disastrous bushfire crisis.

Then they remembered how the Berejiklian Government unfairly targeted the people of Western Sydney during the COVID-19 lockdowns, blaming them for spreading the disease and being the epicenter of shame for the state.

From there, the people of NSW also remember how a corruption watchdog forced former NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian to resign. That one was hard to forget.

These plain facts were put to a focus group of voters in NSW by Newspoll, and the results indicate that they are keen to mix things up and give the alternative a go.

“They reckon they were doing their best during the bushfires and the COVID pandemic,” said one respondent.

“But yeah, their best wasn’t good enough. In hindsight, they just weren’t up to the job of governing during a crisis like that. Which is fine. Some people just aren’t. I reckon Gladys has pretty hamstrung thought by that John Barilaro. He’s f*cken useless, that John,”

“That hair gel enthusiast that replaced him has the charisma of a f*cken pot plant, too. So I dunno,”

“Probably give the other guys a go, hey?”

More to come.


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