In case you haven’t been reading the news, over 30 Nazis marched at an anti-trans protest in Melbourne over the weekend, where they were seen saluting Adolf Hitler and waving signs plastered with hateful transphobic vitriol.

Of course, in Australia, this display of 1940s style fascism has been met with overly complex online debate about free speech.

However, the fact of the matter remains, while Nazism is universally acknowledged as not good – we must also consider that it’s not just nazis that push intolerance. But also the far-left. Who are just as intolerant.

They are also often the loudest voices condemning nazis, therefore identifying themselves as just as bad as nazis.

What I’m saying is, the very well documented horrors of Nazi Germany are exactly the same as the Australians who push for so-called tolerance and progressive ideas. There is literally no difference.

Which is why we must treat them with the same disdain. Because they are just as bad, and it is impossible to condemn one thing without condemning their equivalent. And lefties are the same as nazis. In every single way.

Some people might be say things like: “But the Nazis killed millions of people in Europe, when have Australians progressives done something that bad?”

To them I say this, intolerance is intolerance. It doesn’t matter if it’s genocide or cancel culture. By denying nazis the right to call transgender people pedo freaks in the middle of the CBD – you are just as bad as them. In fact, anyone trying to silence nazis are just as intolerant as nazis. How is this so hard for the woke left to understand?

So keep an eye out when you hear people say things like ‘Fuck off Nazis’ – because, it means they are from the extreme left. Who are just as bad. And once they silence the nazis… They’ll come for you next.

Here’s five other prominent catch phrases and slogans that the hateful far-left use to identify themselves. Keep an ear out.

  1. ‘Fascism is completely unacceptable in a civilised society’
  2. Anyone who associates with nazis, or defends them, need to be excluded from any form of public debate’
  3. ‘As far as I’m concerned, when Nazis are joining your protest, you’ve really gotta question if you deserve the right to free speech’
  4. ‘Jeez I really did not think that you were allowed to salute Hitler in public’
  5. ‘Nazis are bad’


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