A young woman from Betoota Heights is feeling a little sorry for herself today, after a fairly sizeable Saturday night and Sunday morning.

Speaking to us from the giant tile retail warehouse she works at in Betoota’s Flight Path District, Naomi Klein says she’s running on empty at the moment.

“Yesterday was rough,” sighed the young woman who enjoyed the wedding of one of her old work mates from a few years ago.

Given her lack of familiarity with everyone bar the bride and a couple of her friends that were in the bridal party, Klein said the slow start to the day seemed to speed up quite significantly at the reception.

Plonked on a table with a couple of troublesome cousins, some other plus ones and a boyfriend of one of the bridesmaids, Klein said conversation around the 10 seater table was a little stagnant at the start of the more formal proceedings.

However, with bottles of wine plonked on the table rather than a moving crew of wait staff, it’s reported that Klein and the motley crew were seen making quite light work of the drinks package.

“Geez, they are really getting through the wines next door,” one older matriarch was heard saying.

It’s believed Klein was seen leading the charge, with tall glasses of red wine disappearing at a rate of knots before festivities moved back to one of the cousins places out the back of the flightpath district.

More to come.


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