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The vibes in the NSW police office were reportedly pretty low this afternoon, as officers learned they would no longer have the opportunity to strip search people at this year’s Splendour in the Grass, due to the flagship musical festival being cancelled.

It’s alleged the strip search task force had been really looking forward to this year’s event, stating that they even made sure to charge the festival organisers an ‘absolute premium’ for the honour of doing so. 

The NSW police strip searches, which in the past have involved getting young people to expose their genitalia, and in one instance, a woman to remove her tampon, are so infamous they’ve even warranted their own Wikipedia article – with officers conducting a staggering 27,835 strip searches in the span of July 2014 to June 2020.

This ongoing scandal was made prolific when it came to light that officers carried out 512 personal searches at Splendour In The Grass in 2018, with 143 of them being strip searches – out of these, only 10% of these searches resulted in a positive finding.

Despite these scandals, the NSW police force are alleged to be undeterred in their bid to stop young people from doing what young people have been doing forever, and had fully planned to forge ahead with their annual power trip, which usually just results in nervous kids swallowing a bunch of pills at the sight of a sniffer dog.

To make some sunshine out of this rain, NSW officers are reported to have been spotted flocking to some of Sydney’s busiest train stations during peak hour traffic, to blow off some steam with some impromptu arvo shakedowns.

More to come.


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