The AFL is dealing with its second crisis in as many days, after some shocking news has broken out of the Melbourne Demons training ground.

Sources close to the Demons have revealed that the team’s game against the Port Adelaide Football Club this weekend is in serious doubt.

In a throwback to the days when games were cancelled because Victorian people couldn’t stop coughing on each other and refused to wash their hands, the Round 3 (technically Round 3 and half) clash is a strong chance of being called off completely.

Set to take place at the Adelaide Oval on Saturday night, the game looks likely to be scrapped after the entire first grade list of the Melbourne Demons went down with an injury today.

From general soreness all the way to hamstring strains, every single first grade player is under a serious injury cloud ahead of the weekend.

It’s unknown whether enough VFL players can be pulled together in time for the trip to Adelaide, with the Demons staring down the barrel of the first forfeit in recent history.

The potential forfeit follows allegations the AFL has been complicit in helping AFL players avoid regulation anti-doping tests to ensure player’s drug use stays under wraps.

Politician Andrew Wilkie used parliamentary privilege to make a raft of allegations last night relating to the drug use within the AFL and the way the Demons and the league cover it up – namely telling the players to make up fake injuries to avoid ASADA testing.

The AFL media who have known about the practice for the better part of a decade are yet to explain why the story was left to a politician to break under privilege – who are still focusing on Wayne Carey boycotting the AFL because some big fella got 4 weeks for shoulder charging a little fella in the head.

More to come.


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