An aged care facility in the NSW region of Lennoxtown is currently under a serious lockdown.

The code 3 emergency at the 104 bed facility follows reports that a number of residents managed to get their hands on some dangerous weapons.

The need for drastic action reportedly became necessary after an arts and craft session got out of hand, with multiple dangerous items finding their way into the hands of volatile and aggressive residents.

“We’ve sent the riot squad in to deal with the situation,” explained a spokesperson for NSW police today.

“They’ve already launched plenty of tear gas canisters into the place, and we’ve told them use any force necessary to calm the situation down.”

“Use of lethal force has been authorised if required.”

“We believe at-least two of the residents have a couple of paper cutting scissors and some pipe cleaners.”

The highly dangerous situation arises less than a week after a 95-year-old aged care resident with a serrated steak knife and walker was tasered twice by a constable with 12 years experience.

The 43 kilo woman is still in a critical condition with family, friends and the entire community wondering how the fuck the tasering happened.

“You don’t know what it’s like until you’ve dealt with an aged care resident whose charging at you on their walker,” said a spokesperson for NSW police.

More to come.


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