The nation of Australia has this week been given an eye-opening piece of information.

We have learnt that not talking shit about your biggest trade partner is actually quite good for business – particularly if your economy relies heavily upon exporting things like resources, and importing things like students and tourists.

The revelation comes as China revealed it will lift its ban on Australian timber, which is worth roughly 600 million bucks a year.

Australian timber was previously banned from China because of ‘quarantine risks’ – aka the ‘fuck you Australia for leading the call for an inquiry into the origin of the spicy cough provision.’

Timber joined a raft of other resources like barley, wine, coal, iron-ore, and tourism that have been put on China’s shit-list.

Worth 100s of billions a year, the global superpower has maintained a high level trade war against Australia since Scott Morrison decided to be the global face of calls for an inquiry into the origins of that bad cough that went round.

While completely warranted in principle, the decision to lead the charge against our biggest trading partner to score some cheap political points wasn’t a great outcome for our economy.

However, since the change of government, relations between Australia and China have softened a little, with a lack of deliberate fuck you’s to China appreciated up north.

It’s not known yet if embargo and bans on other resources will be lifted moving forward, but it’s hoped the timber ban outcome is a sign of better economic times ahead.

More to come.


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