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After a tumultuous few days of dealing with the aftermath of the nursing home attack, the NSW police have since announced that they will be adding walking frames to their list of Schedule 1 prohibited weapons to ensure this kind of violent attack can ‘never occur again.’

The severely overworked publicist for NSW Police, Kelly Masterson, said that this new ban was in direct response to last week’s attack at Yallambee Lodge nursing home, where two police officers were forced to taser a dangerous 95 year old woman, who weighed in at a staggering 42 kilos, and is believed to have been holding a walking frame and coming at the officers at a rate of ‘three shuffles per hour.’

Masterson speaks to The Advocate about the increasing rate of geriatric crime, and what the NSW police plans to do about it.

“Unfortunately officers have had to really had to crack down on elderly offenders this year”, says Masterson, “especially after the Danny Lim episode at the QV building a few months ago.”

“It seems to have set off a chain of events, we even have reason to believe it might be orchestrated.”

When asked if there could have been another way to subdue the woman, Masterson just lets out a slightly condescending laugh and shakes her head.

“Okay, what would YOU do if you were a grown man who had backup, and an old woman with incredibly limited hand and eye coordination was advancing towards you?”

“Holding a serrated kitchen knife?”

“Would you distract her by putting on an episode of M*A*S*H, circle behind her and then gently prise the weapon out of her hands?”

“No, you would taser her too.”

More to come.


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