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Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott is eyeing a political comeback, he says, after receiving many back pats and compliments for his touching eulogy for known pedophile protector and facilitator Cardinal George Pell.

There is a casual vacancy in the Federal Senate due to the death of Jim Molan earlier this year, leaving his spot open to be filled by whoever the Liberal Party chooses.

Speaking to The Advocate today, Mr Abbott explained his motives for perhaps making the move back to Canberra.

“It’s a matter for the NSW Liberal Party,” said the unemployed father of two.

“Of which I’m a member. But for years, especially since I was dumped by my own party and replaced by an Olympic bronze medalist at a local level, I thought I was a spent force. Politically speaking. But the Senate is a whole new beast. I think I could lead the Liberal Party in the Senate and bring on positive change within the party,”

“After the last election, I think the Liberal Party needs to modernise and get on the same wavelength as ordinary Australians. I think I can be a great part of that transition.”

It then became apparent to Mr Abbott that he was not speaking to The Betoota Bugle, our town’s failing News Corp newspaper, so he terminated the interview.

News of Tony Abbott’s possible return to Parliament House has been received well by local Coalition voters in here town.

Gerald Bentley, of Lakeview Street in Betoota Grove, said he has met Tony Abbott more than once and the man you see on the TV is much, much different to the man in person.

“I’ve been to a barbecue with Tony and he’s the life of the party. He has such delightful and earnest candor. I really think he has much to contribute to Australia yet,” he said.

“That eulogy he gave at the Cardinal’s funeral was touching and respectful. Unlike your newspaper’s coverage of it. I think it’s disgraceful that you refered to the Cardinal as a ‘cunt’ who ‘deserves to be buried in landfill’. It’s your right to do so, I just think you’re doing an incredible disservice to yourself by doing it. Sure, he might’ve concealed certain crimes. He may have even committed some of those crimes,”

“It doesn’t matter. You can’t just call a dead person a cunt like that.”

More to come.


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