An Melbourne woman who never had the pleasure of growing up with Ray Warren’s NRL commentary echoing through the house as a soundtrack to Winter, appears to have no idea how to pronounce the name of Australia’s 7th biggest city.

Portia Kilda (26) is a fashion buyer from one of those weird suburbs that have beaches but aren’t Frankston.

As one of the rare Victorians who is required to leave Victoria for work, she has exposure to other towns, regions, and cities that exist outside of the all encompassing cultural, political and media solar system that revolves around Melbourne.

While Portia may appear open-minded as she travels across the country attending different work events, her lack of cultural training is often on show for all.

Namely, when it comes to pronouncing iconic place names.

While she admits to having dabbled with the music of Silverchair, Portia still has no idea how to say ‘Newcastle’ – a word that sounds almost exactly the same as it is spelt.

“I love some of the beaches in NEWCASSSSEL” says Portia, after meeting someone from Wollongong, a town she assumes is just next door.

“It’s my favourite part of Sydney”

While most residents just settle for ‘Newy’ – Portia still hasn’t been given the riot order from the steel city’s notoriously staunch locals.

“It really reminds me of McKay near Brisbane” she says, in reference to the North Queensland town of Mackay.


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