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The often referenced Newspoll organisation has today double down on its bold predictions.

After getting the outcome of the federal election incredibly wrong, the polling company has decided to predict another outcome that won’t happen and tipped Parramatta to win the NRL Premiership in a few months time.

This comes after the polls got it wrong again on the federal election, following the notable fuck-ups that were the NSW State Election, Brexit and Donald Trump’s barnstorming run to the White House.

Following their predictions on the federal election, that went as poorly as a problem gambler’s 13 leg multi, Newspoll said they are happy to go out on a limb and call the likely result of rugby league competition.

“Yeah, we’ve been crunching the numbers, and given us polling companies have made a habit of getting things incredibly wrong over the last few years, we’ve decided to tip the Blue and Gold,” a spokesperson laughed.

“It’s probably a bit mean to their fans I guess,” he laughed.

“Giving them false hope and all, but they are that delusional every year that I don’t think it’s going to matter really.”

“The biggest risk is that Nathan Hindmarsh will try and come out of retirement in a desperate and final bid to win a Premiership ring.”

“But anyway, yep, that’s our offical prediction for this years competition and we look forward to being proven incredibly wrong a few months down the track.”

“Oh and we reckon Carlton’s gonna win the AFL,” he laughed.

“Nah, just joking.”


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