Just in case anyone was not aware, the future has arrived this week.

The new Apple VR headsets have hit the open market, and look set to herald a new era of human experience.

The $3500 piece of technology is supposed to allow users to experience a new mixed reality.

While some tech bloggers were sceptical about the price of the headset, it’s been confirmed that it can now allow some people to live out their dreams.

It’s been revealed that the Apple Vision Pro headsets actually allow Tesla drivers to watch themselves getting ploughed by Elon Musk while sitting in the drivers seat of their moving car.

Images have gone viral this week of people allowing the Tesla to pretty much drive itself, while they watch hectic deep fake AI videos of themselves having sexual intercourse with Elon.

“Wow, it’s the most incredible experience I’ve ever had,” said one driver under the promise of anonymity today.

“I got from Brisbane to Noosa just watching a feature length film of me and the great man wrapped in the thralls of love making.”

“I can really put it into words.”

Authorities have since requested that people only watch the Deep Fake pornos of themselves 69ing Elon in the frunk of a Cyber Truck while they are in the confines of their own home.

More to cum.


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