A sensible old man from our state’s Sunshine Coast has today confirmed the world is getting a little bit too fast for him.

Speaking to one our our reporters from Kings Beach in Caloundra, Terry Price (72) reckons some of the outfits on the beach these days are a bit much.

“Jesus, it looks like some of these young sheilas have just laced themselves up in dental floss before heading down to the beach,” sighed Terry, on his thrice weekly rant about beach fashion.

“It’s just a but much isn’t it,” continued the codger, who strolls around the beach in a pair of speedos that get pretty much entirely swallowed up by his voluptuous curves.

Despite a lifetime of wearing dick stickers down to the beach, Terry says the rapidly shrinking patches of female clothing on the beach don’t sit well with him.

“Nel my partner doesn’t like it either mate.”

“It’s just like, where do you look,” said Terry, who could probably just look anywhere else on the 500 metre long beach.

“I can bloody see what they’ve had for breakfast,” laughed Terry.

“It’s just a bit much for me. And it doesn’t look comfortable either, so I don’t buy that excuse,” finished the man who looks like he needs forceps and sheers to get his speedos off.

More to come.


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