A self-described ‘Powder Hound’ has skillfully used the broadcast of the Winter Olympics, to boast to everyone in his surroundings that he’s been to Japan.

Enjoying a cheeky pub lunch with his agency colleagues, local Graphic Designer Brendon Saatchi, has used the salem skiing event playing on the pub TV to segue into regaling past tales of snow travel and adventure.

“Oh man, check out that powder in Beijing!”, started Mr Saatchi.

“Reminds me heaps of Japan aye…”

“Seriously, backcountry skiing in Hakuba, have you ever been?!” 

Despite spending less than 5 days skiing on beginner slopes at the popular Hakuba Happo-One ski resort outside of Nagano, Saatchi has begun to bore his colleagues with rather inflated tales of his ‘adventure holiday’ in the region.

“It’s like, so crazy over there!”

“Man it was wild hey, nothing like the skiing in Australia, ha ha!”

Slowly losing court amongst his audience of disinterested colleagues, it’s understood Saatchi has doubled down and decided to start passing around his phone, showing off a collection of photos from his trip.

Circulating images from his boozed nights in Tokyo and the quaint cultural capital, Kyoto, Mr Saatchi has managed to paint himself as a proper fuckhead tourist.

“Haha here’s me with two Geishas, that’s my old profile picture.”

“And this was a crazy robot cafe in Tokyo!”

“It was seriously like being in a Transformers movie – never seen anything like it.”

Finally taking the hint that no one in his company was impressed by his ability to fly 10 hours north to disrupt the peaceful tranquility of another country, Saatchi began plugging his face with a basket of pub chips.

However, not before one final nail, expressing his disappointment that the inner city Betoota pub didn’t have Kewpie mayonnaise on the sauce rack.

“Oh man, could go some Japanese mayo with these chips aye – so much better than the aioli down at Jindabyne…”


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