Whoops! A private certifier in The Developers Republic of Sydney has made a little bit of a mistake this week.

The 36-year-old man from the Lower North Shore is in a bit of hot water this morning after accidentally signing off on his daughter’s Jenga tower.

In a series of unfortunate events the local father who has some random building qualification from some random ‘tertiary education’ and did a 4-day accreditation course, said he was on autopilot when he gave his daughter the tick of approval for residency.

“I don’t know. It had been a long day signing off on apartment blocks, and her tower actually met Australian standards, so I just gave it the certificate,” he sighed.

This decision follows a raft of issues with high rise developments in the city, partly as a result of private building certifiers who have to balance up making sure buildings adhere to Australian Standards and getting paid by developers who need things to be signed off quickly and quietly.

Previously certification needed to come from statutory bodies like the local council, who while notoriously crook, reportedly a little bit less susceptible to the commercial pressures of signing off.

“Yeah, hopefully the mainstream media don’t get hold of this. It was just a mistake, she can put some silicone in the cracks if there are any issues. That should fix it,” explained the Private Certifier.

It’s believed his daughter has already begun moving things around to ensure the company liable for the Jenga tower folds so when it collapses it’s extremely hard to legally enforce punishment and pursue compensation.

She was unavailable for comment.


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