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The federal Opposition leader claimed on television earlier this week that someone would’ve been able to see this $60bn error the government made with their corona stimulus package from space.

The Advocate has been able to confirm this morning that Anthony Albanese failed to see this problem from Earth, which is much closer to the issue than space.

Mr Albanese ushered the emergency legislation through parliament in a rare, bi-partisan showing of solidarity in the face of great impending doom.

And so he should’ve done, sources tell our reporter. Because being seen to score cheap political points by ripping the legislation apart would’ve been disastrous for him.

But to claim that any Tom, Dick or Harry could’ve seen this error from space is laughable and Mr Albansese told our reporters this afternoon that it might’ve been a bit of hyperbole.

“You get the picture, I don’t need to piss in your plastic Tarocash suit pockets,” he said.

“But the problem isn’t where you could see the problem, it’s that if they’ve fucked up this bad, what else have they fucked up?”

“Fuck! I should’ve said that. I mean, $60 billion is a fuck load of Claude Monet. It’s $10bn more than that straight-haired sociopath Kevin had earmarked for the whole of the NBN!”

“Anyway, put that in your dumb newspaper.”

More to come.


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