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Nation’s yuppies have today been rocked to their core, after news broke that it’s possible to get a cute dog without breaking a bank.

First published in The Australian, an investigative reporter discovered that it was possible to get an instagrammable pooch without spending thousands of dollars, leaving many young Aussies feeling a little stupid for falling for such a scam.

With designer pups becoming a popular staple in affluent suburbs, which easily sees at least $50k worth of dogs in a park at any given time, it’s concerning to see how many people have been swindled by breeders, instead of doing something good for the world like adopting a pet – as part of PETstock Assist’s National Pet Adoption Month. 

Our reporter speaks to a couple from Betoota Grove, who reveal they’d spent a staggering 8k for their French Bulldog, who also came with a slew of health problems.

“We had no idea”, says Kim, shaking her head in confusion, “I mean, I always thought sausage dogs were a bargain for 3k, but I didn’t know you could go even lower?”

Adding that their pup had cost them the same amount as a fairly decent car, Kim says she’d scrimped and saved for months.

“Charlie ended up costing roughly a month’s salary. Both of our salaries combined, that is.”

“He’s already been to the vet twice.”

“Who knew Frenchies couldn’t breathe?”

Another local, Tayla Hanson, says her noodleoodlemydoodle cost her $4000.

“You mean I can just walk into a store and get a dog straight away? I had to wait three months for mine?”  

“I can pick up a new friend in need of a home instead of lining someone’s pockets?” she said in reference to the National Pet Adoption Month. 

“And do something good for the world?” 

“There you go.”

“Where do I sign up?” she said. 

It’s alleged news about the easy adoption process spread quickly around Betoota Grove, prompting locals to spend their hard-earned money on better things, such as saving for a house deposit, or souping up their car with a sick rear spoiler and illegal downlight.

More to come.


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