A metropolitan man is discovering the glorious grunt of a farm workhorse this week as he assists some customers from out of town.

Declan McKensie-Jones (30) is used to spending his days driving an array of BMWs and Mercedes, as he valets cars for rich boomers from the Southern Highlands who come to stay at the Sydney Hilton Hotel.

But this week, The Advocate can reveal Declan has fallen in love with the throttling purr of a 4.2L diesel engine, as he gets behind the wheel of a 75 Series LandCruiser that’s driven into Sydney.

With the hotel fully booked with cashed up regional cockies flowing into Sydney to see Luke Combs, Declan told The Advocate he’s never driven a vehicle quite it and has grown fond of the rugged troopy that’s tough enough to be used in overseas conflicts.

“Mate they’ve got a bit of a go haven’t they, I can manoeuvre them straight up the gutter without missing a beat.”

“I’ll be honest, I’m a bit over sitting in the heated leather seats of those C-Class sedans and X5 BMWs, it’s a refreshing change!”

With the lobby overflowing with country people from Narrabri, Cobar and Narrandera who’ve trekked to the big smoke to hear Luke Combs belt out fireside bangers like ‘The Kind Of Love We Make’ and ‘Beautiful Crazy’, Declan told our reporter things have been a little different in the halls of the Hilton this week. 

“I spoke to the breakfast chef last night and he reckons no one’s touched the agedashi tofu all week, they just bypass it and load up on fried eggs and bacon, and they keep asking where the pork has come from.”

“Plus all these country types keep taking their plates back into the kitchen and offer to wash them up, they’re just real friendly I guess!”


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