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Emotions were high last night after England pulled off a monumental but fine, we’re fine, win against the Matildas in the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Throughout the 94 minute-long rollercoaster, Dutch coach of The Lionesses Sarina Wiegman, and Swedish coach of The Matildas Tony Gustavsson, felt all the highs and all the lows that a parent can experience.

From soaring pride to ‘I’m not mad I’m just disappointed’, Mum and Dad had their hands full.

After a bit of malarkey on the field, it’s reported that Dad did ask Mum if the girls could please play nice, but it is unknown if this message was passed on. 

When the celebrations and commiserations had settled down, Dad Tony admitted he was happy for Mum Sarina on achieving the Lionesses first FIFA WWC finalist spot, but he’s just gonna need some time in the good room to decompress.


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