In breaking news, Christmas is looking particularly grim for a Betoota Lakes man who failed to get himself a decent tax return.

Dillon Humphrey, a freelance musician from the lakes district, has spoken to The Advocate today about his financial woes and his fumbled tax return.

As a muso and audio engineer, Dillon has the opportunity to claim for a whole heap of things including his software, any concert tickets and the rent on his one-bedroom studio where he pumps out short jingles for local TV commercials.

But given he’s a bit of a slob who runs his business with the professional nuance of a suburban kid operating a lemonade stand, Dillon has this year, like every year, completely screwed up his tax return.

After punching some numbers into a tax-back calculator earlier last month, Dillon has reportedly been banking on getting as much as $4,000 back in tax, a sum he was planning to blow on a New Years Eve stay in Noosa.

But after being sent an email from MyGov this morning, The Advocate can reveal Dillon is actually $3k in the red and will have to start transferring some of his hard-earned savings back to the ATO.

“Mate this stinks!” Dillon told our reporter, as he began reading the fine print in his Noosa hotel booking, “I’m gonna have to cancel my acomm and my flights too.”

Asked what this meant for his end of year plans, Dillon was honest in his assessment that Christmas would now involve him jumping on the back of his family’s bi-annual trip to South Australia.

“No Noosa means Christmas with my folks, so I’ll be spending that week cooped up in a Brownhill Creek caravan park with my inbred cousins from Adelaide, I see them once a year and that’s one time too many”

“Although if I whinge enough to Mum hopefully she’ll shout my flights, I might try to punch out some recordings from a camp chair and I promise I’ll keep the receipts this year!”


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