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Fans of popular DJ Fred Again have had an absolute whirlwind ride today, after the popular English musician not only announced a last minute show at the Sydney Opera house, but has also heavily hinted that the home of the Brown Snake will be next.

Known for his surprise drops, Fred Again has been heavily hinting for the past week that he would be doing a show in Australia, prompting many of his chronically online fans to speculate which city he’d hit up first – with Sydney naturally being the usual suspect.

With just 2,600 tickets available, it’s now reported that a staggering 100,000 people are now on the waitlist – but luckily, Fred will very likely be playing more shows in Aus.

Uploading a series of cryptic images to his Instagram stories, including a photo of him sitting on some maroon coloured train seats, Fred has teased that he will be visiting ‘another iconic Aussie landmark’ very soon – and as every Queenslander knows, there is no landmark more sacred than the Queen St Mall Hungry Jacks.

Adding in a cheeky caption that all this touring had made him ‘hungry’, Brisbane fans have been quick to spot the telltale baby blue building in the background of his selfie. And by god, are they happy to be included.

It’s likely Melbourne will also be included in this Australian tour, but that all other Australian cities will be missed out because they’re simply not cool enough.

More to come.


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