A local Japan-enthusiast has today wowed his partner with his incredible linguistic and cultural knowledge. 

Tom Munster (29) from our town’s cosmopolitan Flight Path District did so by making sure to watch something with subtitles this week. 

While his partner doesn’t mind a French language rom-com every now and then, this show in question was a largely Japanese language production. 

The show was the new blockbuster Disney+ series Shōgun which follows the journey of an Englishmen washed ashore in 17th century Japan. 

Given the show is mostly Japanese, with a little bit of English language sprinkled in, Munster has decided to try and watch it entirely in the language of the country it is set. 

“Yeah, just to give it an authentic feel,” laughed the man who can’t go a day without bringing up something about his recent trip to Japan. 

“I just thought I’d put on the Japanese subtitles for the English parts too ya know,” said the Pokari Sweat and Ramen enthusiast. 

“I mean, when you’ve got an acclaimed Japanese cast like this, you gotta pay them the respect they deserve,” laughed the man who loves to flex his Japanese skills wherever possible.

“But yeah, it’s a sick show, and it was pretty cool to be able to read a bit of the dialogue in Japanese,” said the Hakuba Ski Bunny who has progressed to full blown Katsu and Strong Zero guy. 

“Katie, my partner, is not that keen on them, but it’s a treat for me,” finished the man who may not be able to understand anywhere as much as he lets on. 

His girlfriend confirmed she is in fact, not as keen on the subtitles as Tom is. 

“He just goes on and on,” she laughed. 

“The show’s good, but he can’t even read those subtitles. I had to go back and watch the show with English ones on. I’ve told him he has to turn them back to English next week, or I’ll plough on without him.”

“Wish me luck.” 

More to come. 


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