The nation’s largest distributor of news has shocked many this week by pulling a complete u-turn on a major issue.

NewsCorp and its mastheads like the Herald Sun, Courier Mail, and Daily Telegraph have come out to throw their support behind transitioning to a net-zero climate-friendly future.

The support for a clean future comes after nearly two decades of doing everything possible to dismiss the science behind the issue and destroy any Prime Minister that tried to act in the national and global interest.

With a series of front pages printed in a bright snazzy gold theme, the powers that control the giant publisher have now decided to go all-in on getting things moving in regards to climate change.

The weird, coordinated act comes alongside the likes of Twiggy Forrest hitting the press run to push for a green future through his hydrogen operations, which he says deserve the support of the government for some reason.

“It’s almost like they’ve read the writing on the wall, and realised that there is going to be huge amounts of money in future-proofing our economy and offering up green solutions funded by the government,” explained one reader of the Betoota Bugle, The Diamantina’s Murdoch paper that is just the Courier Mail with local ads and the Bugle’s logo on it.

“I wonder if maybe they were deliberately stalling progress on the whole thing until the people who control traditional energy streams had prepared themselves enough to cash in on the green future,” he explained.

“Just seems odd don’t you think, that this idea that they were so ideologically opposed to is now a cause they want to champion?”

“But, they do like backing winners”

“Food for thought I guess,” he said before flicking to the racing section of the paper.

The Editor of The Betoota Bugle spoke to us about the sudden change, explaining that it’s just business.

“Look, forget everything we’ve said about these fucken tree-huggers,” he explained.

“The people in charge have decided it’s finally time to be seen to change teams, now that our team has quietly moved themself across to the other side of the field.”

“That’s the way these things go. It’s business. Obviously, there might be some blowback from our dumber Culture Warriors who can’t see the financial side of the decision, but they’ll come round when they remember who pays their comfortable inner-city salaries.”

“It’s all under control.”

More to come.


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