A house on Queensland’s Gold Coast has this morning had an eery stillness shattered by a rather loud occurence.

With the portable Bose speaker softly hosting a carousel of random EDM tracks and a couple of young men trying to piece their brains together on the couch, a shiver inducing upheaval has emanated from the bathroom.

The extremely loud and sustained period of vomiting from one of the more obnoxious blokes last night, finally gave way to some intermittent dry heaving.

That, combined with the sweaty, twitching trotters protruding from the base of the toilet indicates that Day 2 of ‘Thommo’s Bux’ is going to be quite the slog.

One borderline mute member of the bucks party who consumed a bit too much of anything bad for him, nodded to our reporter in between trying to swallow with out causing a gag.

“It’s gonna be tough,” he eventually said.

“But at least I’m in a better state than Frog,” he laughed.

“Poor cunt’s been in there for nearly 10 minutes now.”

With one of the hype men now emerging from a suspiciously long shower downstairs, a few cans of Hard Solo have been procured from the fridge in a display of toxic masculinity aimed at proving he’s made of sterner stuff.

“Day 2 you little (redcated). Time to get the fuck up and get going,” said the bloke currently floating on a cloud.

With Frog finally emerging from the toilet in cold sweats like he’s come down with the worst fever you’ve ever seen, a round of applause spread throughout the few blokes up and ready to take on Day.

“We’ve got be at golf in an hour Frog, have a shower, have a wank and get moving big fella.”

Frog was understandably unavailable for comment – seemingly trying to conserve energy ahead of another rather large day and evening.

More to come.


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