The saga gripping Australia’s extremely concentrated mainstream media has just taken a wild turn this morning.

Former Liberal Treasurer and current Chairman of the Nine media organisation Peter Costello has found himself at the centre of a furore after seemingly putting a shot on an Australian newspaper journalist.

Believed to be the first ever disagreement between a News Corp Journalist and a Liberal party heavyweight, the video appears to show Costello move towards the journalist before the journalist ends up on the floor.

The journalist then claims in the video that Costello assaulted him.

Costello has dismissed the allegations, saying the journalist fell over an advertising placard.

However, the true cause of the fall has now been attributed to the fact that the journalist was actually Italian defender Fabio Grosso.

The shocking revelation comes less than 24 hours after the video was released on social media, with journos now desperately trying to figure out why the Azurri footballer is working for Murdoch’s flagship arm of his PR machine.

Grosso is famous around the world and not just in Australia, for diving in Italy’s Round of 16 match against the Socceroos.

The dive lead to Australia being knocked out of the World Cup – a World Cup that most experts predicted Australia would win.

Italy of course went on to win that World Cup, stealing a historic moment from our nation.

It’s unknown how Grosso has ended up at the nation’s least favourite newspaper after terrorising the nation nearly 20 years ago.

Grosso and Costello were unavailable for comment.

More to come.


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