The former treasurer of the nation is today squirming in the Qantas Lounge, after being caught on camera doing something quite naughty.

Stepping back into a time when smart phones weren’t in your face 24/7, big Peter Costello has decided to put what appears to be quite an aggressive shoulder charge on.

The man dad’s over the age of 50 say is the greatest Treasurer we’ve ever seen and the current Chairman of Nine has been accused of assaulting a journalist from The Australian newspaper.

The assault allegedly occurred when the journo was asking Costello about what was happening regarding the allegations of sexual harassment and bullying at the company.

The journo was moving backwards while Costello refused to answer any questions, before the former Treasurer appeared to move quickly in the direction of the camera holder who ends up on the ground.

Costello says there’s was absolutely nothing in it, and the journo fell over an advertising placard, like we all do from time to time….

It’s believed to be the first ever disagreement between a man who has served as the Liberal Treasurer and a journalist from Rupert Murdoch’s private PR firm.

Costello refused to provide comment, but sources close to the situation allege that Costello simply assumed that as rich white Melbourne man, there wouldn’t be any consequences for his actions.

It’s also been alleged that the journo at the centre of the scuffle could be Italian Defender Fabio Grosso.

More to come.


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