A crippling introvert has had their whole day ruined, after taking an entire morning to prepare for a phone, it’s reported.

Gillian Rogers [26] is alleged to have reminded herself to call up a tax account this morning, naming her 7:30 alarm ‘TAX’ to ensure she didn’t forget.

As she wasn’t looking forward to finding out the capital gains from her lucky stint investing in crypto, Gillian had put off getting her tax return done until the last possible moment.

But as a millennial who suffers from social anxiety, the idea of ringing up a business and making an appointment has her stomach in knots.

“I absolutely hate phone calls”, says Gillian, “I don’t know why, but I suddenly lost the ability to form sentences.”

“It’s so bad I even go to a private billed doctor, solely because they offer the option to book online.”

Admitting that it would have been better to kick off the phone call at 9 am, Gillian says she kept putting it off until near closing time – resulting in a whole day filled with anxiety.

“Fuck, they could only book me in during the workday.”

“Now I have to spend another morning preparing myself for an appointment.”

More to come.


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