A local girlfriend has raised eyebrows in her share house today, after curling up into a ball of laughter a short time ago. 

The French Quarter woman’s uncontrolled giggling fit initially aroused concern in her boyfriend and their two other housemates, after she was unable to physically speak for an extended period of time. 

“After she got the initial outburst under control, she’d just relapse straight back into the giggle whenever she tried to explain something,” said her boyfriend Tom. 

“We were all wondering what exactly it was, and then I opened Instagram and it all made sense,” he laughed. 

“New video from the Inspired Unemployed and she lost it, like clockwork.” 

The video in question was the typical multi-person skit about a humorous part of everyday life, this time focusing on a family struggling to pick a show on Paramount+. 

“I guess it’s kind of relatable to me, given I always fall asleep on the couch like a  primary school student, and she bloody loves that iCarly show,” said Tom. 

“I bet you she’ll go and sign us up for the new streaming service now.” 

“Jeez I worry what would happen if we ever stumbled into the same bar as those two,” he continued. 

The girlfriend in question was contacted for comment, but was unable to provide a quote without descending back into giggles. 

“She’s got a case of the sillies today,” explained Tom. 

More to come. 


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