Local grandpa Paddy Grieg (79) is getting way into his biology right now as he runs his offspring through all the stresses of owning a worm farm as if he were managing a top end cattle station.

Looking to improve his veggie garden output while reusing waste, Grieg took advantage of his councils’ subsidised worm farm program and set himself up with a funneled plastic box that has given him a small taste of power.

During an unprompted viewing/tour of the worm farm, Grieg spoke at length of the details of worm farming ‘that city slickers’ just don’t get, as if he were a grazier managing a cattle station the size of a European country and not an old man living in a modest bungalow.

“These fellas love pumpkin, I could feed them on pumpkins alone,” stated Grieg sporting an akubra his family has never seen him wear before.

“There are upwards of 40,000 employees – I mean worms, upwards of 40,000 worms in there!”

In an exclusive with The Advocate, top end cattle station worker Jack Walker stated his experience is nothing like being a worm eating waste but he hopes it reaches that standard soon.


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