SOPRANOS ERA: As the dust settles on 2023’s ‘Clean Girl’ aesthetic, the wave of change crashing into 2024 seems to be leaving behind a trail of bronzer, fox fur, and to many’s delight, lower hair maintenance bills. 

Enter 2024’s hottest new TikTok trend: the ‘Mob Wife’ look. But the aesthetic pivot not just a mere style choice; it’s a strategic move for the girlies to combat the skyrocketing prices of root touch-ups they’re being faced with across salons nation wide. 

In an era where economic inflation seems to be more predictable than fashion trends, The Betoota Advocate is hearing a collective sigh of relief from Australian women.

Relieved that the once sought-after ‘Clean Girl’ aesthetic now takes a back seat to the allure of looking like a ‘Mob Wife’. 

There’s been a spike in viral TikTok’s circulating social media showcasing the transformation from fresh-faced innocence to the mysterious allure of a mob matriarch. 

“It saves me an extra $400 every six weeks not having to get my roots touched up” one bottle blonde, bronzer in hand, told her micro following on a TikTok live. 

“I’m in my Sopranos era,” she continued. 

While the ‘Clean Girl’ vibe celebrated simplicity, the ‘Mob Wife’ look doesn’t shy away from extravagance and glamour.

Luckily for the TikTok girlies, the trend conveniently glosses over the harsh truths what life is actually like being the spouse of a gangster. 

More to come. 


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