A taste of 1998 has come to one Betoota house as a celebrating dad has kept his Blink 182 renaissance alive by refusing to come out of his room.

Although his kids consider the band a Kardashian affiliate, for dad Brian Ganju, Blink 182 represent the rebellious high school skater that he once dreamed of being and still occasionally does.

“Is that seriously what you wore to the concert?” asked Ganju’s eldest daughter who used to love listening to Blink in the car as a toddler without much of a choice.

“What’s with your hair did you…did you try to do a mohawk?”

Having not felt this misunderstood in a good 25 years, Ganju ran up to his bedroom, slammed the door and proceeded to fill the house with the muffled sounds of the three American men who managed to understand him in a time when no one else did.

“I guess this is growing up,” mused the 42 year old.

“And I’m not coming out of my room!”

“Fuck off everyone!”


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