Channel Nine has been forced to apologise for the second time today, after another doctored image went to air during the nightly bulletin.

Nine News Melbourne has just offered up its apologies following the airing of an image of a shirtless and yoked Peter Dutton.

This came a day after Nine News used a doctored image of Victorian Animal Justice Party MP Georgie Purcell, which she claims had her boobs enlarged and her dress turned into a crop top.

Nine claimed that the image was an accident, and occurred as part of an automation during editing…

Featuring on a story about Duck Hunting, Purcell raised what at the time was a very valid point that something like this would never happen to a male.

However, in what could be a potentially weird PR move to distract from their inherent sexism which manifested in objectifying a woman’s body on the nightly news, Nine has since run a story featuring a sexy Peter Dutton.

The image of Dutton came before a political story about his attack on Labor’s changes to tax cuts, and featured a very athletic and muscular rig that looked like it could win the CrossFit Games.

“Damn, Peter looking fucking juicy,” said one commenter on social media.

“Oh my god, who news the Opposition Leader was such a fucking snack,” said another.

The doctored images have now caused another apology from powerbrokers at Nine, who have promised their sexy Dutton images are nothing to do with the Chairman of Nine Entertainment Co being a former Liberal Treasurer.

“We did not mean to objectify Peter,” said a spokesperson.

“Please just focus on his ripped and chiselled tax cuts.”

More to come.


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