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A local woman has today requested that her delivery rider reserve his judgement after making a rather interesting grocery request.

It’s alleged that Alex Reilly was feeling a little dusty this morning, and didn’t feel like making the long trek to her local grocery store and bottle-o for essentials. 

Despite the two stores being realistically within walking distance, the fact she hit it a little too hard last night, ruled out the trudge down the wet pavement. 

As a result of the Friday night catchup with a couple of girlfriends that turned into tequila shots and full blown blowout – Alex found herself feeling a little sorry for herself, and, in need of some help from her local VOLY delivery rider. 

Luckily, as she was still in her early twenties, Alex could get away with multiple nights on the piss without incurring a horrible hangover – just a pretty bad stomach ache, but she had stomach issues anyway, so it wasn’t unusual.

Browsing through her VOLY app from the safe confines of her bedroom, Alex found herself leaning towards a couple of boxes of mango Whiteclaws and some organic muesli – or the ‘white girl special’ as she likes to call it. 

This was also Alex’s way of being responsible and ensuring her stomach was lined before testing it out later that day, seeing as she’s learnt the hard way that a handful of crackers is not going to cut it. 

Hoping that whatever VOLY rider she has doesn’t judge her too harshly, Alex presses go and spends the next fifteen minutes watching thirst traps on TikTok.

With the cyclist pulling up and handing over the healthy breakfast aimed at alleviating the guilt from that kebab last night, Alex found herself trying to prevent any judgement from the VOLYman. 

“Hahaha, don’t mind me,” she laughed, to the rider who nodded politely with a couple of raised eyebrows. 

“Don’t worry, I’m not mixing them together,” she said, sliding back into the house. 

More to come.


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