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As an increasing number of the Prime Minister’s peers continue to provide reverse testimonials of our nation’s leader, Scotty has finally weighed in and told them to easily fix it by just getting a better leader.

Earlier this week outgoing Liberal senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells and independent senator Jacqui Lambie verbally Will Smithed Scotty for his failures as a Prime Minister and a person.

Later in the week, Scotty was then quoted sharing the master level life hack that buying a house is a good way for renters to avoid rent hikes.

Now he’s back with more of his signature advice, telling his critical colleagues that they can simply just get a better leader.

“Go work for Jacinda if you want a sympathetic leader with feelings and other womanly stuff,” stated Scotty, as he drew his election plan with a stick in the sandpit.

“If you don’t like having a boss that never ever listens to you then how about you go and find one that does? That’s what I tell my team every single day.”


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