The National Rugby League has today revealed its grand plan to stop the horde of pitch invaders plaguing their game.

After a big weekend of fans jumping the fence to cause a scene out on the turf, the game’s peak body has revealed they are calling in the big guns.

“We have approached Andrew ‘Roy’ Symonds to come and act as our Anti-Pitch invader expert,” explained NRL boss Peter V’Landys.

“Titled ‘Project Shoulder’ we are hoping that Roy can give all of our venue staff a bit of a rundown on how to deal with a streaker or a pitch invader.”

Roy famously dealt with a streaker during a One Day International – and also put the fear of god into a pitch invader during a Queensland Bulls game.

“Obviously the players aren’t allowed to shoulder charge anyone given the way the game has gone. We can’t risk having someone sent off and suspended for 4 weeks for leading with the shoulder,” laughed V’Landys.

The new measure comes after numerous pitch invaders caused havoc over the weekend, including a climate change activist who must have forgotten where he was when he decided to jump into the middle of Shark Park during Cronulla’s home game.

A shot the night before by a security guard on the Gold Coast has also potentially jeopardised a guard’s job, with the pitch invader having to intervene to ask the company not to sack the man.

However, it’s now hoped that an expert of Roy’s caliber will be able to solve the problem.

“Once people realise someone could be putting a Roy Symonds shot on, it might take the desire to jump on the pitch out of things,” said V’Landys.

“He’s gotten on a bit, but he still knows the art of timing the shot.”


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